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Reconciling work, family and leisure can sometimes be difficult, so it pays to try and choose frendi.
We offer services ranging from basic office cleaning to the most demanding and special services. with a fresh and well representative and maintained working environment. Rest assured that we can strengthen the positive image of your company/household.




​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                               ABOUT US
 Frendi's roots go back to 2018, when Khalid Samadi from Spain came to Finland and decided to start a cleaning company. 
Khalid managed to build a successful cleaning and service business in a short period of time, but as a foreigner, he experienced challenges to properly establish himself in the market. 
Through many fortunate coincidences, Frendi was born and continues to build on this history with great effort and challenges as a foreigner in other European countries achieving a solid base in Spain and currently setting up in Belgium. Frendi wants to be the right service provider in its field without compromising its values.